Moose/elk hunting in Vologda region, Russia

Moose/elk hunting in Russia in Vologda region. ERL Merkel’s hunting routes.

European moose huntings are provided with the help of professional hunters (PHs).  There are several types and periods of moose hunting here: first — from the 1st of September till the 30th of September it is the bull moose hunting in moose rutting season; second — from the 1st of October till the end of October moose hunting on the clover fields; third — from the middle of November when the first snow appears till the end of December.

Package autumn European moose  hunting tour price for one hunter depends on the horns weight of the gotten moose (6 hunting days):

  1. Moose horn weight 8 kilograms — package hunting price is 165 000 ₽
  2. Moose horn weight from 8,01 kilogram — package hunting price is 202 500 ₽
  3. Moose horn weight higher 10 kilograms — plus 375 ₽ to the sum 202 500 ₽ for each additional 100 grams

Moose hunting price includes:

  • accommodation
  • breakfast
  • dinner
  • supper
  • transport on territory
  • hunting licence
  • PH per every hunter in group
  • every day’s safety hunting instructions
  • interpreter for group  of hunters
  • trophy veterinary certificate
  • moose trophy (extra trophy — mines 22 500 ₽ from the main trophy prices: 75 000 ₽: 112 500 ₽)

Price doesn’t include:

  • visa invitation documents
  • transfer from/to an airport/railway station
  • alcoholic/nonalcoholic drinks
  • tips
  • gun permits
  • gun rental
  • field trophy preparation
  • trophy care and shipment
  • CITES for moose/elk
  • hotels and meals before and after a hunting

Terms of payment:

  •  deposit 50% of the package tour price
  • final payment on site according to the results of the hunting tour


  • deposit is non-refundable


  • wounded and not found animal is 100% of the trophy cost
  • miss shot is 30% of the trophy cost
  • shooting refusal is 50% of the trophy cost

Representative of the hunting ground: Anatolii Gopko, tel. +7 921 142 09 18; e-mail:

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