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Services for hunters wishing to book their huntings in Vologda Region, Russia:

The most popular huntings in Vologda region are bear, moose/elk, boar, capercaillie/blackcock, woodcock, beaver, lynx, wolf huntings. All these huntings are alike in having the same feature in getting the trophy — it is practically impossible to get trophy without special knowledge, good professional hunters and last and most important — it is simply and absolutely impossible to get any trophy without knowing where at the moment/time of the providing hunting the searching hunting animal is or where it is possible to get it by the simplest and cheapest way, sometimes it is possible to provide such successful hunting in one hunting ground sometimes in another it depends on many factors about which is known to the representative of hunting grounds with whom you may connect through e-mail:

Services for hunters in Vologda region, Russia:

  • hunting consultations
  • hunting ground searching for hunters who desire to harvest high quality bear, boar, moose, wolf, capercaillie huntings with good value for money in Vologda region, Russia; 
  • interpreter services


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