Hunting in Russia in Vologda region

Hunting in Vologda region, Russia:

Vologda region is situated in the north-west part of Russia — 457 km from Moscow, the administrative centre is ancient city Vologda (established in 1147 year). The territory of the region is 144 527 square kilometres, the region is divided on 26 districts. The main cities are: Vologda, Cherepovetz, Sokol, Veliky Ustug. There are more than 80 hunting grounds in Vologda region. The main hunting animals who inhabit the territories of hunting grounds are: European mooses/elks — more than 44 000; bears more than 10 140; boars — more than 3600; white hares — more than 71 000; martens — more than 9300; foxes — more than 4700; lynxes — more than 880; squirrels — more than 87 600; capercaillies — more than 65 300; blackcocks — more than 300 700; hazel-grouses — more than 239 300. Welcome to Vologda region for hunting and getting unforgivable good emotions from communication with north Russian nature.

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Vologda region, Russia

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Babushkinskii district

Belozerskii district

Vashkinskii district

Verchovazhskii district

Vytegorskii district

Vologodskii district

Gryazovetskii district

Kirilovskii district

Kichmensko-Gorodetskii district

Niuksenskii district

Tarnogskii district

Ust-Kubenskii district

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