Hunting in Vashkinskii district

Hunting in Vashkinskii district, Vologda region, Russia: hunting grounds, hunting hotels, houses

Vashkinskii district is in the north-west part of Vologda region, Russia it is 630 kilometres from Moscow, the area size is 2884 square kilometres. South side of the district is situated on the lakeshore of the Beloe lake. There are 125 lakes and 98 rivers and brooks in Vashkinskii district, the biggest one is the Beloe lake the aria size of which is 1290 square kilometres. The district is a very good place for hunting tourism many hunting animals inhabit its territory: bears, elks, boars, capercaillies, blackcocks and others hunting animals dwell in the unspoiled by human industrial activity territory of the Vashkinskii district.  There are four hunting grounds in the district with hunting aria sizes of 15.3, 26, 82.6, 177 thousands hectares each.

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