Hunting in Ust-Kubinskii district. Part 2.

Hunting, outings, hunting grounds, hunting houses in Ust-Kubinskii district, Vologda region, Russia. Part 2. 18+

Besides hunting tours for hunting tourists there is an exclusive possibility of European bison outings in Ust-Kubenskii district. There are only 7180 European bison individuals on the planet 1250 of them are living in Russia and 80 European bisons inhabit Ust-Kubenskii district forests in which the mastodon animals feel themselves  good and produce every year offspring. The Vologda bison population is interesting by the fact that it is the only European bison free-living herd existing in the north of Russia.

6-12 hours bison outing price for 1-4 persons is 12 500 ₽:

Price includes:

  • transport on the inhabitation bison territory
  • PH services
  • two hour rest and eating at the hunting house 

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