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Hunt booking in Vologda region in Russia 

Vologda region in Russian Federation is a place where more than two thousand of different kind of huntings are provided in hunting grounds with the help of professional hunters (PHs) every year and many of these huntings are successful, for example average success percentage of performed huntings last several years in leading Vologda region hunting grounds is: capercaillie/blackcock huntings — 91% success; bear huntings — 86% success; moose/elk huntings — 82% success; boar huntings — 84% success, such good hunting results is undoubtedly due to the the skills of professional hunters and good hunting organisation including as well as the hunt itself and meeting and seeing off at the airport/railway terminal; visa invitations/supporting; transfer to a hunting ground from an airport and back; accommodation and not less than 3 times meals; export documents for trophy and shipment to the trophy’s owner country. Welcome to Vologda region for hunt.


For booking hunt choose a district for your hunting from the list below, after that send a letter about your desire to hunt in Vologda region, Russia on e-mail:, soon you will get a hunting proposal with prices and possible hunting areas for to hunt in the district you like.

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Babushkinskii district

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Vologodskii district

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Nyuksenskii district

Tarnogskii district

Ust-Kubenskii district


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