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The whole square of hunting grounds in Vologda region, Russia is 14 291.4 thousand hectares, many hunting animals inhabit Vologda region forests, among them are: bears, elks or European mooses, boars, badgers, raccoons, lynxes, otters, beavers, martens, minks, squirrels, foxes, wolves, hares, capercaillies, blackcocks, hazel-grouses. A great deal of huntings are provided every year in the Vologda region forests, the results of the successful huntings are impressive: hunters get on average about 2600 mooses/elks, 700 boars, 530 bears, 1400 beavers, 1800 martens and 19000 hunting birds as trophies, one of the list or even more is possible to be yours, try your hunting luck in Vologda region forests in Russia and book any possible hunt for yourself or your friends here through the website.

ERL Merkel’s hunting routes are more than 70 places for hunt for one can book and get unparalleled high quality huntings, the places are checked by many successful and resultative hunters’ experiences on bear, elk, boar, capercaillie and other hunting animals huntings in more than 20 hunting grounds of Vologda region, Russia. So dear hunters welcome to the website and find unparalleled hunt for you here and book it straight right now through the site, the hunting grounds representative e-mail is:, write your letter any time you like and ask questions you want to be answered and be sure they will be.

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