ERL Merkel hunting hotel

ERL Merkel hunting hotel in Kirilovskii district, Vologda region, Russia

The ERL Merkel hotel for hunters is located about 2 km from city Kirilov (589 km from Moscow, 132 km from Vologda), the hotel has all modern conveniences, there is a restaurant, a special house for barbecue, billiards, table-tennis, Russian bath house. The hotel is situated in a very good place for performing huntings, there are 12 hunting grounds near to the place there in Kirilovskii, Belozerskii, Vytegorskii, Ust Kubenskii and Vologodskii districts of Vologda region, Russia, besides that the hotel is near to a nice lake — 100 metres and the Volga-Balt channel — 1200 metres, where one can swim, fish, have boat trips, for those who like history there are many places to visit: Kirilovskii cloister (founded 1397 year) — 2 km from the hotel, Gorizkii women cloister (founded 1544 year) — 5 km from the hotel, Ferapontov cloister (founded in 1398 year) — 22 km from the hotel. All hunters from all countries of the world welcome to the ERL Merkel hotel for hunters! Transfer from and back to Moscow, Saint Petersburg airports is provided.

Cost of accommodation and three times eatings are included in the Kirilovskii district hunting tour price

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