Hunting in Vologda region, Russia is a very popular hobby, more than 80 hunting grounds and more than 49 thousands of hunters are officially registered in Vologda region, so hunting services are quickly developing in the region and the quality of the hunting services is becoming better and better with every coming day, many reasons stimulate these processes: good roads, Vologda proximity to Moscow (450 km.) and to Sankt-Peterburg (650 km.) as well as quantity of hunting animals in Vologda forests, for example the density of moose is on average 3.1 on 1000 hectare (ha) and in some hunting grounds even more — 4.5 on 1000 ha; the density of bears is on average 0.7 on 1000 ha and in some hunting grounds — 1 on 1000 ha, all these moments and facts as at the same time the rich knowledge of professional hunters and using by them modern facilities ( navigators, night vision devices, all terrain vehicles — ATV, motorboats, snowmobiles and so on) are the guarantee of a successful hunting.

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