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ERL Merkel — Hunting trips in Russia in Vologda Region


There are more than 70 hunting trip suggestions which are in more than 20 hunting grounds of Vologda region, Russia where there are a lot of bears, boars, European mooses, beavers, capercaillies, blackcocks, hazel-grouses, woodcocks, ducks, geese, hares, foxes, wolves and other hunting animals there. Any person can take a Vologda Region hunt consultation, book his hunt, or hunting outings, or hunting practical classes through the website https://erlmerkel.ru, e-mail: erl.troping@yandex.ru  and get high quality hunting with good value for money:

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Through the website ERL Merkel one can order and buy hunting theme souvenirs with images of bear, elk/moose, boar, capercaillie on them:

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Hunt booking, hunting services, hunting guide, interpreter services, hunting consulting services on the subject «Hunting routes and hunting grounds in Vologda region, Russia», hunting treks, excursions to the Vologda region hunting grounds, hunting announcements, advertisements. Contacts: e-mail: erl.troping@yandex.ru ; tel. +7-921-142-09-18, business owner Anatolii Gopko, state register number: 318352500044855. 

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