Hunting trainings. 18+

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Practical hunting trainings in hunting lands of Vologda region.   18+

Practical hunting trainings in conditions of wild nature are provided by experienced huntsmen.

1. How to organize hunting camp? How to make up the fire? How to spend the night in the forest? Beginner hunters have many question. The best way to get answers is to cooperate with professional hunters.

2. It is very important to remember about safety during the process of hunting in order to be alive and healthy.
After shot and getting a wild boar it is necessary to go up to it carefully from behind so to escape straight attack of the wounded wild boar.

3. To learn to understand tracks and scent of wild animals is the first task of any beginner.

If a hunter knows what hunting animal spoors before him and what direction it goes, whether spoors are fresh or no, he can easily find the animal and get it.

4. Ability to recognize signs sent to a hunter by the forest correctly saves in some cases hunter’s life.
When a hunter comes across in a forest just destroyed anthill, he must take precautions. Not far from that place is a bear. Bears like to eat ants.

Bear has eaten ants and destroyed after that the anthill.

5. To get hunting glimpses…

It occurs very often when big bear or wild boar runs away to thicket of a forest after huntershot. These beasts are very strong and dangerous. It is necessary to keep rules, searching wounded hunting animal, so to avoid troubles.

It is better to take hunting dogs in this case. When dogs find wounded bear or wild boar they begin to bark. At that moment a hunter must unnoticed come near to the place where are dogs and a beast, and shoot at the point. If a beast sees a hunter it attacks him. Usually after attack of big wounded bear or wild boar a hunter has no a chance to be alive.

Dogs and hunters in the process of finding wounded beast are in one team, in which all do their own work. A hunter must remember the dogs believe that their master will help them in a critical moment and shoot down the beast.

6. Approach to the place of capercaillie display demands from a hunter definite sum of knowledge. Almost all hunters made their first approach to a courtship capercaillie with the help of experienced hunter.

There are many hunting secrets, as you know.

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