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Hunting methods in Vologda region, Russia

The main method of bear hunting and wild boar hunting in Vologda region is a hunting from special hunting tower, on which hunters wait appearance of wild animal and possibility to shoot and get a trophy. Use of night vision devices is possible in Russia in dark time of day from hunting tower height of which must be not lower than two metres above the level of earth.
In Vologda region hunters try to build hunting towers higher than four metres above the level of earth because bears and wild boars have good sense of smell.

Hunting towers

Hunters build hunting towers near feed fields and grounds:

Huntsmen lead up a hunter to a hunting tower:

  1. From August till the end of September bear and wild boar huntings are provided not only on huntsmen’s fields but also on farmer fields. But in this case it is necessary to have an agreement with the owner of field.
    DSC01738DSC01694After huntsmen receive permission they can build hunting towers near farmer fields and provide huntings
  2. According unwritten rules no one can use a hunting tower without owner permission
    1DSC074911DSC056371DSC05633Huntsmen work hard preparing a hunting for clients-hunters, they build hunting towers, plough fields, sow, guard wild animals and territory of future hunting. For their work hunters get rewards
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Hunting out from hunting towers is possible: on bear till frosty weather and snow covering the earth : till 30th of November ; on wild boar during all hunting season till 28(29)th of February.

It is not so easy in winter to wait out the appearance of wild boar on a feed ground.


  1. The majority of elk huntings are collective. Huntsmen determine the place where are elks and after that they encircle the place and put out hunter shooters in line. Wind must blow to shooters side. Beaters go through the forest with dogs and cry, make noise. Frightened elks run to the side where is shooter line. Shooters shoot and get elk trophy.
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  3. In September when an elk male is finding elk female it makes roar and it is very aggressive in the time of animal marriage games. When an elk male hears noise of broken tree or branch in the forest , or sounds of elk roar, it runs to the side of noise thinking that there is its rival. The only thought that elk male has in such minutes is to kill its rival. An elk male does not want any other elk males in its territory. Hunters know about the elk male habit, and broke branches in the forest and make roar like an elk male.
    When an elk male goes up to a hunter, he must immediately shoot to the point, or an elk male kill a hunter. All is very simple. It is a duel!

Spring capercaillie huntings are provided in places which are in swamps and it is difficult to get to such places. No roads, everywhere is water , earth under  feet is swinging and it is a danger for a hunter to fall through the earth and to perish in the middle of the forest and no one knows what has happened and why the hunter has disappeared.


In the evening a hunter come to a swamp to hear and to mark the place where capercaillies fly together.


Sometimes capercaillies fly up to the place where a hunter is sitting and sit on a tree above the hunter.

Impetuous flight of a capercaillie.

Early in the morning a hunter tries to get a capercaillie.


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