Hunting in Russia

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Hunting and fishing in Vologda region.



The map of hunting lands in Vologda region.


There are 26 hunting lands in Vologda region . The main city of the region is Vologda. The distance between Vologda and Moscow is 450 km , and it is 650 km from Vologda to Saint Petersburg. The square of Vologda region is more than 145 thousands square kilometers. The distance from west to east border of the region is 650 km and from south to north is 385 km.

There are 4135 lakes , 1271 rivers in Vologda region. Vologda lakes and rivers abounds in fish. Pikes, pike perches,  burbots,  breams, perches and also white salmons, sigs and other kinds of fish inhabit Vologda lakes and rivers.

Forests occupy more than 70% of the Vologda region territory.

Bears, elks, wild boars, lynxes, wolves, beavers, martens, burrows, capercaillies, black grouses, grey hens, hazel grouses, partridges and other kind of wild animals and birds inhabit Vologda forests.

In the spring time of birds migration different kinds of ducks and woodcocks settle all 26 hunting lands  of Vologda region.

According to 2013 animals and birds calculation results:
there are: 39900 – elks
7200 – wild boars
670 – lynxes
3700 – badgers
8570 – bears
39000 – beavers
10700 – martens
4200 – otters
4800 – foxes
68200 – white hares
54400 – capercaillies
420000 – black grouses and grey hens
366000 – hazel grouses
in Vologda forests.

Periods of hunting are established by State law “Hunting rules in Russian Federation”:
Wild boar – from the 1st of June
till 28(29)th of February
Elk(male and female) – from the 1st of October
till 31st of December

Elk(adult male) – from the 1st of September
till 30th of September
Brown bear – from 21st of March
till 10th of June
from 1st  of August
till 30th of November
White hare ,fox ,wolf  – from 15th of September
till 1st of April
Marten, burrow, lynx – from 1st of October
till 28(29)th of February
Badger – from 15th of August
till 31st of October

Period of Spring hunting in Vologda region:
South districts of Vologda region – from 25th of April till 5th of May
North districts of Vologda region – from the 1st of May till the 10th of May

In Vologda region in this period of time it is possible to hunt capercaillie black grouse, woodcock, duck, goose.

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